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Girlie's Daily Notes Posted on 2006-12-21 07:05PM

I asked you if you be my friend, Someone on whom I could depend, You reached out and took my hand, True friendship yes you understand . I never understand we share a life Nor anticipated you be my husband, You now my best friend forever, Sheltering me in all stormy weather. I imagine we were meant to be two, I feel it more so, saying I love you, Its evident you are my bestfreind, My life my all, someone i depend…….

Love always your,


My Christmas Angel of love

Girlie's Daily Notes Posted on 2006-12-21 06:45PM

A Christmas Angel, way up on high, Lifts up my heart, with a gentle sigh, a beautiful Angel, shinning sweet frame, Who spreads joy within, I do proclaim. This beautiful Angel, On Christmas Day, Will much sweet beauty, and love, display? An angel of love, you must understand, Whose gift of love, it may well be free, but from the heart, is the sweetest to me.