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The kids

Pictures Posted on 2008-08-30 09:55PM

Blog ImageOur little princess is not so little anymore. She is just getting bigger and bigger.

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Christian, the younger brother of Isabella is also growing fast. He seems so far to be a more serious personality than Isabella.

Isabella again again

Pictures Posted on 2008-08-10 06:55PM

Just had to share the following recent pictures of Isabella:

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Above Isabella takes care of her brother (she actually thought the crib was for her).

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Above Isabella looks like she has just gotten an idea.

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Above Isabella during her favorite pass time in the local SM Mall in Angeles City.

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Above Isabella looks at here daddy probably wondering if that man really is her daddy!

The kids

Pictures Posted on 2008-08-10 06:45PM

I have tried to compare two pictures of Isabella and Christian when Isabella was 3 days old and Christian 5 days old and below is the result:

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Above is a picture straight after Girlie was discharged from the hospital. Isabella is here 3 days old. She was (and still is) so cute.

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Above is a picture of Christian when he was 5 days old. They both have the same habit with sleeping with the arms in that position. They have the same head shape same ears and a little bit of the same nose (which of course can change).

Quite fantastic when I think about it.

A few news

Jan's Daily Notes Posted on 2008-06-01 12:32PM

I have been off the air for a long time now so I guess that I owe people an explanation.

First of all I have been very busy here in Singapore since I came back to Asia in the end of February.

On the 18th of March I was admitted to hospital with chest pains in National University Hospital here in Singapore. After an overnight stay they discharged me but put me on blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication.

On 16th of April I underwent a socalled nuclear stress test where I had a radioactive tracer injected into my bloodstream while I was on a threadmill and then after that my heart region was scanned.

On the 28th of April I was admitted again, this time with heavy chest pains. In the meantime they had received my results from the stress test which indicated that I had a possible coronary artery problem.

On the 29th of April I had a Coronary Angiogram taken which is an invasive procedure inserting a probe into the main artery from my right groin up to my heart. During this procedure they found that two of my coronary arteries were slightly blocked. In order to be sure about the flow through my heart they inserted a pressure wire (I was taken out for 3 hours) and measured the flow. The result was that the flow of blood was satisfactory. However, I do have to change my lifestyle and especially with regards to what I am eating. The diagnose is minor coronary disease. I have to continue my medication for blood pressure and cholesterol as well as blood thinning medication for the rest of my life.

During all of this our lovely daughter Isabella has grown and is steadily becoming a beautiful little lady. In the following pictures she is obviously showing off a little. She is just so cute. Our son, who will be born in the begining of July, looks a little bit like Isabella when Girlie had her 4-D scan done a couple of weeks ago.

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Isabella is definitely turning out to become a little lady and according to her mom she is also behaving very well.


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